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Uh..Yes, you can Do 'DIS AND MORE

... learn about what it's really like to do voiceovers (hands on...voice on?) from Jamie in an fun environment, relaxed, super chill... its the super-cool.SUSU STUDIO

...book one on one recording and coaching, or sign up for group voiceover workshops

..rent studio time to record your "sweet" podcast in a "sweet podcast studio" in Cornwall, Ontario ?

..book Cornwall's sexiest, smoothest,  funniest, most voicey voice voicer guy (jamie) for your next project

uh, i have a question

Let's work together - I'm good at this....like really ok good

Voiceover Booking

book me for commercial, corporate, narration and animation voiceovers...I do 'em all

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Podcast Studio

So you have a podcast? Or you're thinking you're ready to start one ? The SUSU podcast studio is here to help.  Our fully equipped "state of the art Industry favourite etc, etc" RØDECaster Pro II in studio set-up you have the ability to remotely record guests on your podcast from your smart phone or laptop.  All you need to do is show up with your team ready to record your show and we'll take care of the rest.  Rent by starts by the hour. Ask for a quote

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Try Voiceover workshops

So you think you've got the chops for voice acting ? Well, we've got the apple sauce! This intro to voiceover workshop info session will give you an idea of what it's like working as a voice actor.  Participants go through audition process with real scripts and then record their auditions in studio with direction provided just like they typically would in a real session. I answer all the questions I can..with what little I've come to know after 14 plus years "talking funny"

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Jamie's Voice

Some examples of my... work

Sarcastic Narrator CDWMC

TVO kids' Cutie Pugs
narrator and petey pUG

Mighty Planes..mighty voice

Atlantic Lottery voice dude

slice,  stucky, tart, x-it, 

Hotwheels megadrome announcer 

RBC nice guy Narrator

Clearscore superbowl spot (I'm the dog)